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Dual Enrollment


The CU Succeed Program is a unique program of the University of Colorado Denver that works with schools throughout Colorado to provide students with the opportunity to take courses in their high schools for both high school and college credit. The instructors are high school faculty who have met the same standards as on‐campus instructors, and who have been granted adjunct faculty status by an academic department of the University. 

Credits Costs and Earned:

The cost per credit is $77. Each class varies in the number of credits offered. Credits earned in CU Succeed courses appear on an official University of Colorado Denver transcript and can be applied to a degree program at one of the CU campuses (with limited exceptions), or they may be transferred to another college or university (Visit www.ucdenver.edu/cusucceed for more information regarding the use and transfer of credits). UC Denver cannot guarantee that its courses will transfer to all institutions, nor will it refund tuition for courses that do not transfer.

Enrollment Information:

Enrollment in CU Succeed courses for UC Denver credit is optional. Students who wish to enroll in CU Succeed courses and receive UC Denver credit must 1) obtain the consent of their parent or guardian and submit a consent form to their course instructors, 2) register for the courses online using the UC Denver registration system during the specified registration period, and 3) pay tuition for the courses to UC Denver at the rate of $77 per credit. Unpaid tuition will result in additional service charges.

Classes that offer college credit thru CU-Denver include:



Social Studies

Language Arts


Calculus III

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

College Algebra

College Trig

AP Statistics


Advanced Chemistry

AP Chemistry

AP US History

AP Psychology

British Literature and Composition

Marketing Leadership

Business Leadership


Colorado State University:

Students may elect to take courses thru CSU. Students will be responsible for 100% of the tuition, fees and books associated with the class. See your counselor for more details about how the credits work at high school and for college.


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