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Short Personal Description: 

Mr. Burge has 10+ years as an experienced secondary mathematics teacher who has taught courses in Algebra, Geometry, Discrete, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics.
Born and raised in the Front Range of Colorado in a working class family where he developed a strong work ethic, a passion for the outdoors and adventure, and a love for his community.  He enjoys the outdoors and adventures in the Rocky Mountains: biking, skiing, paddling, camping, hiking, hunting, hockey and fishing.

Educational and Professional Background: 

After graduating from Rocky Mountain High School he was accepted into Colorado State University’s School of Mathematics.
He earned his Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics with an emphasis in Secondary Education from Colorado State University in 2006. After completing his bachelors degree, he yearned to travel outside of his beloved Colorado community to gain a larger global perspective. Mr. Burge started his Peace Corps service in 2007. He volunteered for two years in Morogoro, Tanzania, fulfilling a desire for adventure and his drive to give back to the global community. Lucas taught at an all boys’ government boarding school in Tanzania, Mzumbe Secondary. Mr. Burge taught courses for secondary content ranging from Algebra and Differential Equations, to an American Culture course. Lucas created this American Culture course to engage the students and provide answers to their inquiries about the youth interests in the United States. 
After returning home to Colorado in 2009 he taught high school mathematics at Fossil Ridge and Rocky. While teaching there he was awarded a fellowship by the University of Wyoming and University Northern Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in Mathematics Education, funded by the National Science Foundation. The courses provided  him the opportunity to develop his mathematics knowledge base and sharpen his skills in the classroom. After completion Lucas became a lecturer for Pre-calculus courses for the University of Colorado, a concurrent enrollment opportunity for his secondary students to earn college credit.
In 2014 he met the love of his life and married his wife in the summer of 2015. She complements his passions for education, family, and adventure. In 2016 Mr. and Mrs. Burge taught at The Metropolitan School of Panama(MET) where they enjoyed the International Baccalaureate program, international traveling and the supervision of the MET surf club. After two years in Panama Mr. Burge and his wife returned to Fort Collins and the Poudre School district to continue their careers as educators.

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