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Concurrent Enrollment


Campus Select 

Front Range Community College or AIMS CC - Through the state of Colorado’s Concurrent Enrollment Options Act, students will be able to earn college credit for courses taken in high school. Most of these courses will be taken on the FRCC campus or AIMS campus. Courses must correspond to a student’s ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) and be taken in a student’s chosen career pathway.  All tuition will be paid by Poudre School District (PSD) so long as the course is successfully completed with a “C” or better. All fees and books must be paid for by the student. 

Please refer to the following link for classes that are a part of the Colorado Guaranteed Transfer Program -https://frontrange.smartcatalogiq.com/en/Current/Catalog/Elective-Lists/GT-Pathway-Courses

For more information visit: https://www.frontrange.edu/concurrent-enrollment/lc/programs/campus-select/index.html

Students seeking more information about Campus Select can sign up to meet with our FRCC advisor on Wednesday afternoons.  Students can sign up for an appointment time in Student Services.  Our advisor, Casey Vavrina, can also be reached at 970-204-8421 or casey.vavrina@frontrange.edu

High School Select 

This program consists of high school classes receiving FRCC credit in some areas. The instructors are high school faculty who have met the same standards as on‐campus instructors, and who have been granted adjunct faculty status by an academic department of the college. Tuition is covered by PSD with RMHS course fees (when applicable) being paid by the student.  See your counselor for more details.  Or visit: https://www.frontrange.edu/lc-collegenow/programs/high-school-select

  • High School Select Classes currently offered at Rocky (subject to change):


Business, cont.

Language Arts


Tech Ed

World Language

Complete Web Authoring

Fundamentals of Accounting A

FRCC Personal Finance

FRCC Social Media for Business

FRCC Web Design Foundations B

FRCC Intro to PC Applications

FRCC Principles of Marketing B

Coding 1A (starting 2023-24)

AP Computer Science (starting 2023-24)



FRCC English Comp I

FRCC Intro To Literature

Teacher Cadet 1 A/B

Teacher Cadet II A/B



Survey of Calculus

FRCC Mechanical Design I

FRCC Solidworks/Mechanical

FRCC Advanced Solidworks

German 4

AP German 5

Spanish 4

AP German 5

Performing Arts

Social Studies

Select Ensembles

American Government

AP Psychology

ASCENT - Accelerating Students Through Concurrent Enrollment

Check back here for 2024-25 ASCENT Application

Program Overview:

ASCENT is a fifth-year high school program that lets eligible seniors take one year of only college classes at Front Range Community College or AIMS Community College tuition-free.   ASCENT students do not attend high school classes.  ASCENT Information for FRCC Students.

Poudre School District will pay the tuition, fees and textbooks/rental for students who are selected for ASCENT. 

College Classes During the ASCENT Year:

Students should enroll in classes that fit their educational and career goals as outlined in their ICAPs. Please note that tuition for developmental classes is not covered in the ASCENT program. 


Students must have completed at least 9 credit hours (semester hours or equivalent) of transcripted college credits prior to beginning their ASCENT year with a grade of C or better in each course that they have taken. Other eligibility criteria may be required by the school district, including testing prerequisites. Student will need a minimum overall high school GPA of 2.0 to qualify, and will be required to hold full-time student status senior year. For additional eligibility information click here

Application and Enrollment Information:

ASCENT is a state-funded program and is subject limitations for funding and other changes. Selection for ASCENT is not guaranteed to all eligible students and therefore ASCENT should be treated like a scholarship. Students are strongly advised to apply for financial aid and other scholarships in case their application for ASCENT funding is not approved.  In some cases, financial aid may offer a better financial package to student than ASCENT can provide. Students cannot mix and match ASCENT with other sources of “traditional” financial aid (i.e. use the Pell Grant or take out student loans through the government while on ASCENT).

Please see your high school counselor to apply. ASCENT paperwork is required by the school district in winter of senior year, and students should ensure they meet all school and/or district deadlines.

  • ASCENT students will remain enrolled in high school their 5th year, but attend exclusively at the college
  • Students will receive their high school diploma at the end of the 5th year
  • Students cannot be in need of basic skills coursework in their selected pathway;
  • Students will have been selected for participation in the ASCENT program by his or her high school principal or equivalent school administrator
  • Students must not have participated in the ASCENT program in previous years
  • Students must have satisfied the minimum prerequisites for the course(s) before his or her enrollment in the course(s)

Questions?  For additional information click here. Contact PSD's Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator - Kristen Besanceney E: kbesance@psdschools.org P: 970-657-3175


PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.