This is a splash page!  Splash pages are used as top level navigation.  These pages should describe a category of pages allowing the visitor to easily find what they are looking for.  Activities, Academics and Athletics are all examples of splash pages.  An athletics splash page would highlight athletics as a whole and have menu options to individual sports that the schools offer.  



The splash page layout works the same way the front page layout does. 

There are 8 rows available to customize.  Each row can have up to 3 regions of variable widths.   Each region can contain multiple blocks that will stack on top of each other.  Blocks that need to be side by side will be in different regions.  

1. To setup the splash page layout go here

2. Scroll down to site layout and then select splash page.  

3. Select the number of rows that you need.

4. Save and go back to here

5. You should now see settings for the numbers of rows you selected.

6. Set each rows structure and container settings and save.