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Mark Reedy

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Short Personal Description: 

I was raised in farm country Ohio, baling hay, getting kicked by cows, and the like. My dad was a cop and always seemed to know what I was up to. I was very fortunate to have creeks, forests, hills and dirt to play in as a kid. It gave me an appreciation for hard work and nature.

Educational and Professional Background: 

Bachelors in Zoology from Miami University (Ohio!). Postbaccalaureate in Education from Colorado State. Masters in Education from George Mason University.

I spent 7 years in biochemistry research at Michigan State and Colorado State and eventually became a science teacher at Rocky (thank you Carol Seemueller and Scott Kemp!). I planned on a year break to travel, but it turned into about 10 years- and it was great! After getting my masters in counseling I worked for two years at a school near Washington DC while wanting to come back to FoCo and Rocky. Now that I made it back there is no other place I would rather be.

What does the Lobo Way mean to me?: 

Serving others while always trying to better oneself.

Interest & Hobbies: 

guitar, all outdoor pursuits, reading, cycling and bikes in general, travel, my friends and family mean the most to me.

Favorite Quote: 

Speak your mind but ride a fast horse.

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