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2019 –  Student-Initiated Clubs – 2020

**Student-initiated club applications for the 2019/2020 school year are available in the front office.  Please see Mrs. Nickel with questions and for club approval.  

Welcome back Bo’s!!!

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Bigfoot Club

To investigate Bigfoot and other supernatural creatures.

Fridays at Lunch

Room 302

Ben Dubin

Ron Clark

Bo’s in Space

To create a space for people to learn leadership and astronomy.

Tuesdays and Fridays at Lunch

Room 510

Ella Anderson

Sandra Weeks

Card Game Club

To play cards and make friends with no gambling of real money.

Weekdays at Lunch

Room 342

Jagur Rozell

Andrew Thompson

Club 840

To help students transition from home to school.  To help them with their goals for the day and/or week.

Every weekday morning

Room 528

Rosie Villalovas

Branson Paulson

Nate Guarnieri

Andrew Meyer

Comic Book Club

A place to learn, trade or read about comics.  A place to nerd out and talk about superheroes or villans as well as “grade” comics.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Media Center

James Nguyen

Ben Johnson

Comics Club

To make comic books and strips for the school to enjoy.

Thursdays after school: 4 - 5:45 pm

Room 335

Braydon Walker

Lucas Smith

Cooking Club

To let students with a passion for cooking come together to cook, bake and expand their knowledge of cooking.

Quarterly at 8:00 am

Room 338

Zoe Van Velzen

Jenny McCarthy


To have fun, dance, exercise and meet new people.

Tuesdays at Lunch

Room 514

Lynzee Williams

Elizabeth Peebles

Dungeons and Dragons Club

To play dungeons and dragons while socializing.

Tuesdays & Fridays from 4-6 pm

Room 329

Abigail Beaumont

Denise Lawrence

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

To bring together christian athletes through fellowship activities such as guest speakers, games and bible studies.

Mondays at Lunch

Room 606

Joseph Kinerson

Lucas Smith

Friendship Bracelet Club

To teach students who want to learn how to make friendship bracelets.

Tuesdays at Lunch

Room 307

Grace Ball

Marie Van Dyne

Gender Sexuality Alliance

To create a community of LGBTQ and students in Rocky

Tuesdays at Lunch

Room 306

Marielle Lenderts

Jaelyn Manzanares

Girl Rising

To support third world student’s education and to raise awareness.

Fridays at Lunch

Room 408

Eva Tomlinson

Amy Barrier

Host Club

To allow students to hang out and discuss getting involved in certain school events.  Also, for students to come eat lunch and help make friends.

Fridays at Lunch

Room 329

Anneesa Frazier

Denise Lawrence

Mario Gaming Club

To allow the students to bring their gaming consoles (handheld only) and play until the lunch period ends.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 302

Ethan Coddington

Ron Clark

Motorsports Club

To meet new people who have a shared love of motorsports.

Thursdays at Lunch

Room 411

Robert Schaake & Westley Nelson

Andrew Schauer

Philosophy Club

To further the knowledge and exploration of philosophy and to have fun.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 406

Frederick C Rankin

Robert Klebes

Photography Club

This club is to enhance your photography skills.

Thursdays at Lunch

Room 533

Tyler Phillips

Daniel Denton-Weber

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

To participate in random acts of kindness both in and out of our school and to include everyone.

Thursdays at Lunch

Room 406

Ryan Woodall

Todd Matkin

Remote Racing Club

To give students a chance to race remote control vehicles.  This includes drift, off-road, boat, drone, track and nitrous.

Tuesdays at Lunch & Fridays from 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Room 523

Isaac Gentry

Kaleo Chung

Rocky Mountain Car Club

A place where people who are interested in cars or want to learn more about them can come and talk and socialize.

Tuesdays & Thursdays at Lunch

Room 349

Gage Armbruster

Dillon McNamee

Shark, Laser Tag and Nerf Club

To play with nerf toys and watch shark videos.

Fridays at Lunch

Room 523

Emma Patti & Fiona Walsh

Kaleo Chung

Speak Up

To raise awareness for issues in our society.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 406

Hayden Puttlitz

Todd Matkin

UNO Club

To play UNO and to have fun.

Wednesdays from 4:00 - 4:45 pm

Room 346

Cooper Johnson

Jim Glenn

Yoga Club

To have kids relax and de-stress before the school week gets started again.

Mondays at Lunch

Multi-Purpose Room (615/616)

Jessica Robinson

Donell Betts