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Lobo students,

We are looking forward to starting off the 2020-2021 school year. We clearly wish we were all here in person, but that just isn’t our current reality. We will make the most of this situation.  There is a lot of information down below. Please let us know what additional questions you have regarding the start of the school year.

Here is a quick welcome video from Dr. Woodall.


Here is a link to your teachers' learning sites.

What is my expectation as a student?

We are expecting that you log in every day to your classes. Teachers will be communicating the schedule of the week. Every teacher has created a Teacher Learning Page as a launching point for their classes which will be updated with information. We ask that you are present as much as possible when the real-time instruction occurs.

Will I be sitting in front of my computer from 9-4 every day?

I don’t believe so. Again, your classes will be a mix of real-time learning and any time learning. If there is independent time to work on assignments or projects, you have the flexibility to do that when it works for you while considering due dates. We completely understand that there are situations where you may be helping to support a younger sibling, or that the health crisis has impacted your family in a number of ways. We will be flexible- but please communicate as much as possible.

I hear that Friday is different?

Yes. Friday will be set aside for office hours, any time learning, and teacher planning/collaboration. Teachers will be available for Student Support Time between 10-12 and by appt. Yes, new learning can still take place on Friday but it will be in the “any time” format.

Will attendance be taken?

Yes. Teachers will explain that in more detail once we get rolling. If students are not consistently logging in we will be reaching out. If there is a large gap in attendance a student may be dropped from the class. Please communicate with us!!

How will grades work? Is there grade protection like last spring?

Grades will be what earned real-time as if we were in person. There is no grade to fall back on this time. We will need students to step up, make sure they are in communication with their teacher, and log in as much as possible.

Who do I contact if I need something?

Start by emailing/calling your counselor or case manager. They should be able to get you the support you need.

Can I come to Rocky?

Yes, the building will be open for laptop issues or by appt for meeting with staff.

How can I access food services while remote learning?

Please refer to this district site:

This will certainly be a fall unlike any we have ever seen. I am confident it will be a success.

We got this!

Craig Woodall, Ed.D.


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